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Dean (Ret), Computer Studies and Engineering

Loma Colleges

San Fernando, La Union

"Pagdiriwang" is an annual event here in Seattle Center to celebrate the Philippine Independence. It is produced by the Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington (FCHSW) through the leadership of Juan Pablo​ Paredes. This year's theme is "Mysts of the Cordilleras". Art is an integral part of our culture, the soul and the basic element that developed language, song, design and dance. Dance is the oldest elaborated art. Presentations and exhibits in this festival will forge us to learn and appreciate more the Filipino culture. Appreciating art is a valuable part of society that would improve people's understanding of the world around them. Art can unite people in the world. 

Art is the epitome of human life, the truest record of insight and feeling. It spearheads human development both for social and for the individual. It does so much for the human race such as deeper understanding of emotions, self-awareness. It gives us sense of identity. It gives us meaning. I have read that creating and viewing visual art allows one to escape the dark reality of the real world with all its flaws. It gives people a break from reality, a stress reliever. To value and marvel arts are effective tools for our emotions.

Art in our life is indispensable. It has the power to point us to the Divine, to the ultimate Artist. As human beings made in the image of our Creator, we can be artists ourselves, we can do authentic creations to express what is inside us, to give life to our ideas, our gift to the future which contributes a great impact on our economy, health, wellbeing, society, and education. Outlets of these creative expressions can be formal theatrical performances, sculptures, paintings, and buildings; as well as the less formal arts, music and food festivals, celebrations and informal cultural gatherings, pickup bands, and crafts groups. We give thanks and deep appreciation to our Artists. Please keep on dreaming, keep on creating because you give inspiration to many whose dream will be someday like you.

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