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Awiting Kundiman, atbp.

The Barriotiques

The vocal harmony from the Barriotiques will once again grace the Pagdiriwang, and this time around, the blended voices will be more reminiscent of the times after the rice harvest, when the barrio’s young and the restless sneak in the time to serenade their “dalagitas”…

Together for some years now, lately the Barriotiques have been digging into the antique chest of music from the golden era of the harana and the kundiman. These songs are hardly sung nowadays and they’ve taken it on.  Aside from the lilting, romantic music derived from a more recent past in the form of American fusion, the group has expanded their repertoire to represent the deeper realms of true Filipino music’s past.

The guys who make up the group are no strangers in the local Pinoy music scene: Rex de Asis, Julius Gamponia, Abe Legaspi and Roger Rigor have been doing gigs around town. They all share the love for songs done in harmony, capturing the style mostly heard in barrios when the night brightens up with a full moon.

Hopeless romantics? Yeah, they probably are, but the Barriotiques do come across with the most memorable English or Tagalog songs of the heart, of an era, of a lifetime…

Take time and enjoy their brand of songs at the Pagdiriwang… without realizing it, you might find yourself reminiscing and being flown back in Time!

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