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Pre-Festival Opening

Bisperas is a Filipino word that means "the day before". In anticipation of the Pagdiriwang Festival Grand Opening on June 8th, a 2-day Pre-Festival Opening has been staged to introduce the community to the up-coming event. The Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington is proud to present its roster of artists in a two-day Fashion Portrait on-the-spot sketching session. This activity definitely highlights the Filipinos' great regard for art, and pride in their talents as creative visionaries. Models posing for the sessions will feature Filipiniana attire and ethnic costumes that parade the uniqueness and grandeur of Philippine culture. Models pose for four hours in order for the artists to capture the essence of the pose according to their respective styles and sensibilities. The sketches become part of the Pagdiriwang Art Exhibit, which includes works from emerging and established Filipino artists in Washington.

Artists participating are: Cynthia Alexander, Grandier Bella, John Hauth, Ricky Montilla, Violeta Noriega, Aiko Suetsugu, Olivia Zapata, together with Conrado Rigor, Jr., Katya Minkina, William Houston, Garima Naredi, Ayla Pidal, Ezra Sarmiento, and Ron Recaido.

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