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Food Demo at the Balcony

Aaron Verzosa is a Filipino American Chef born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. After graduating from the University of Washington, Aaron attended the Seattle Culinary Academy while working in the Basque focused Spanish restaurant–The Harvest Vine. After leaving the restaurant, Aaron joined the Modernist Cuisine team lead by Nathan Myhrvold in 2010 working as an R&D Chef. During his five years with MC, Aaron had the opportunity to travel to Paris to apprentice with Michelin starred Chef David Toutain, as a means to understand the Modernist approach through the lens of French gastronomy. Aaron has been engaged in the Filipino American community for many years, and is presently working on empowering Filipino businesses as a co-founder of ILAW: A Coalition of Filipino Food & Beverage Professionals in the Pacific Northwest. Now, Aaron is both excited and deeply passionate to marry his love for the craft of cooking with the flavors of his Filipino roots.

Amber Manuguid is a Bremerton-born, Silverdale-raised, Seattle-based artist and designer whose focus is creating joyful and meaningful experiences. Over the past 10 years she’s worked on creating experiences for a variety of companies including Nordstrom, Pokémon, Amazon, and Mattel. She received an Honorable Mention from Fast Company’s Innovation By Design Awards, which honors “a commitment to solving problems, no matter how big or small, as simply and as beautifully as possible.” She is also an active contributor in Seattle’s Filipino American community providing her design skills to local organizations such as ILAW, the Filipino Community of Seattle’s STEAM Youth Program, the Seattle Asian American Film Festival, Kalsada Coffee, and Pista sa Nayon. Amber is excited to finally merge her abilities at Archipelago — creating meaningful nourishing experiences that bring awareness to Filipino American history, honors her family, and explores the beauty, creativity, and resourcefulness of her culture


Chef Gerold Gutierrez was born in Makati, Philippines but grew up in Seattle, WA. Previously Chef de Cuisine at Hyatt Regency Water's Table, Sous Chef at Canlis and the current Chef de Cuisine at Barkada Edmonds.

Barkada Edmonds Executive Chef/Owner is Brian "Mad Dog" Madayag. Brian is passionate about his Filipino heritage and has been known for routinely adding Filipino influences into his dishes. His childhood years were spent growing up in Edmonds with favorite pastimes of martial arts, motorsports and fishing all around the Pacific Northwest.

Mad Dog started his career in restaurants at Siam on Lake Union, the pioneer of thai cuisine in Seattle, where he learned every position in the front of the house. Brian then spent some years managing and tending bar at many establishments around downtown Seattle including the Pan Pacific Hotel, the Dahlia Lounge, Seatown Seabar and fist pumping venues such as Venom, Amber, and Volume Night Clubs.

Influenced by his lineage and dedication to culinary arts, Brian decided to take the next step and create his visions into reality. With support from his beloved family members and friends he pursued his culinary arts degree at Seattle Culinary Academy.

He then began his career with Tom Douglas restaurants. Where he worked all the positions in the back of the house spanning over a decade. He "paid his dues" to work his way up to earn the title of executive chef. After all the many years of learning and growing within the industry he finally decided to step out of his comfort zone and into his own restaurant.

Brian continues to reside in Edmonds, married to his beautiful wife, Crystal, son Maverick and furry companion, Lola. Just living his dream.

Jan Z. Parker is a wife of a retiree in the army and currently lives in TAcoma, WA. She created a successful culinary program a the USO Rhein-Main in Germany for the military community, offering a wide array of classes and events. Jan graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Seattle with a Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management and an Associate of Baking & Pastry. Her alma mater showcased her work in a national campaign, "Create Tomorrow".

Jan's professional culinary experience includes cooking the Four Season Hotel in Seattle, working in a private estate, and catering on yachts. She has made contributions to the Food Network's South Beach Wine & Food Festival and the Emmy award-winning show on PBS, Nick Stellino Cooking with Friends. Chef Jan loves how food brings people together and enjoys teaching all levels of cooking. She is passionate about sharing world cuisine flavors and ingredients. Jan takes pride in her "cooking from scratch" approach and incorporates this style in all of her creations.

Her previous community contribution was mentoring the Wiesbaden High School culinary team for the Dodds European Culinary Competition. She also has worked with private organizations such as the Local Spouses Club, Girl Scouts, Mops & Homeschoolers. Her culinary expertise allowed her to make frequent appearances on the AFN Radio Network in Wiesbaden and provide cooking advise to its listeners. This year she will commit to educating people on Filipino food culture. Her goal is to get her boodle fight pop-ups to be frequent event in Tacoma. She looks forward to being involved with the military and local community.


Melissa Miranda is the chef/owner of Musang Seattle, a Filipino Restaurant. She grew up in Seattle, where she learned from her Filipino family, the importance of cultural diversity in food. At an early age, her father exposed her to the incredible world of cooking and the flavors of his home country and childhood. He always insisted on using fresh quality ingredients and being passionate about preparing food. Her parents instilled the importance of experiencing many diverse cuisines from around the globe through frequent travel. Musang focuses on creating community centered brunches, dinners and events that make you feel like you're sitting at someones dinner table in their home.


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