Welcome Remarks by Juan Pablo Paredes, President, Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington

Guest Speaker Robert Nellams, Director, Seattle Center

"A Legend" by John Lesaca award-winning violinist

"Something Keeps Holding Me"

by Tim Pavino

"The Grace of Southern Philippines" by the Filipinas Performing Arts of Washington State 

"Koleksiyon: Artifacts and Fabrics from the Philippines" by John Paredes

"The Richness of Filipino Cuisine" Cooking Demo by Silvain Alarilla of Snor's Kitchen

"Agham, Pabula at Kultura" A Literary Reading coordinated by Bob Flor

"Travel Back in Time: A Photo Travelogue" by Leia Maminta Smith

Our Seniors by International Drop-In Center IDIC

"An Introduction to the Kulintang Music of Ancient Dulawan" by Titania Buckholdt

"Uncle Rico's Encore: Mostly True Stories of Filipino Seattle" zoom webinar, an upcoming book by Peter Bacho, LL.M.

"Buklod Sining" Virtual Art Exhibit curated by Grandier Bella

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Saturday, June 5th

Sunday, June 6th

"Musika at Iba Pa" performance by various artists coordinated by Teza Mendoza

"Ancient Filipino Writings" by Kristian Kabuay

"The Filipino Community Village" by the Filipino Community of Seattle

"Folkloric Dances" by the Filipino Community of Seattle Kalahi Dance Company

"Preview: DIWA Filipino Film Virtual Showcase" by Adrian Alarilla

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"Singkil" by SAYAW of FASA at UW

"Filipino Table Art" by Violet Noriega

"Ancient Tattoos of the Philippines: Kalinga Region" by Lane Wilcken

"Serenade" by Herome Bolisay


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