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Filipino Community of Seattle

(FCS) Kalahi Dance Company

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The FCS Kalahi Dance Company (formerly FCS Tropa Filipiniana) is composed of school-age children, young adults and seniors. The FCS is an advocate of educational, inspiring, and enriching art and culture programs. One of the missions of the Filipino Community of Seattle is to educate, perpetuate, and share cultural awareness and heritage through art and culture. The FCS Kalahi Dance Company, as its cultural ambassador, participates in several art and culture events in the Puget Sound Region. 

For this year, the dance group will showcase the following Filipino dances:


Kalinga Banga/Langaya Tachok:

A dance from the eKalingas, indigenous people of Kalinga, wherein the women display, not only their grace and agility, but also their stamina in balancing a langaya (basket) and one or more banga (earthen pots) on top of their heads as they trod the mountain paths after gathering crops from fields and fetching water from the springs.


Binasuan: Meaning “with the use of drinking glass.” This dance originated in Pangasinan, a province in the island of Luzon. The performers gracefully balance the glasses on top of their heads and hands as they step and hop in lines and circles. The glasses are traditionally filled with rice wine and is performed during weddings and other festive occasions.


Subli: A dance originated in the municipality of Alitagtag, Batangas. Traditionally performed to pay homage to the Holy Cross (Mahal na Poong Santa Cruz). Nowadays, the Subli dance is performed during joyful events or celebrations.

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Dance Artists


1) Dhea Pena

2) Denielle Pena

3) Mary Shine Pena

4) Mary shanelle Cabanting

5) Kristine Pena

6) Juliet Cheatle

7) Julieta Mae Saberon

8) Simonette Ramos

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