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Let's Celebrate!


Filipino Community of Seattle

For the past three years, the Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS) participated actively with the Pagdiriwang Steering Committee. This year, FCS will continue preparing for Pagdiriwang’s 30th annual event (and its 29th anniversary) commemorating Philippine independence as a sovereign nation. The event is a way to showcase our rich culture to the various communities within the City of Seattle.


With the Pagdiriwang organizers chaired by JP Paredes and its partner organizations, the Filipino Community of Seattle and its Board are committed to play an active role in preserving our cultural heritage. FCS believes not only in showcasing our culture but is also proud as Filipino Americans to be active in various communities within the Seattle area, participate in and/or play an active role in the affairs of Seattle.


Pagdiriwang continues to enhance the event which makes our fellow Filipinos and their families excited about this annual art and cultural festival. We are fortunate to be able to organize and celebrate our history through songs, dance, culinary arts, and various other activities at Seattle Center. This event is an opportunity for young and old to reconnect to our cultural roots.


I would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone that the Filipino Community of Seattle is moving forward to implement its major project - the multi-use FCS Village – that  would be located behind and to the east side of the existing Filipino Community Center (FCC). It will be a four story building with 72 units of affordable housing for seniors.  The first floor space will house the Innovative Learning Center & classrooms. Our senior-participants in our lunch program are already so excited about the prospects presented by the FCS Village project. We need everybody’s support to make this dream of an FCS Village become a reality. 


In behalf of the Board and as president of FCS, we request your financial support for this project that presents opportunities and progress for our community as a whole. Please come and visit our booth for more information.

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