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Filipino American

Educators of Washington

The Filipino American Educators of Washington (FAEW) is a professional educational organization that promotes and advocates for the recruitment, growth, development, advancement, and contributions of Filipino Americans in the schools and communities they serve. It was founded in 1972 by four Filipino American Educators in the Seattle School District: Gloria Ysmael Adams-School Counselor; Obdulia Rigor Castillo-Physical Education Teacher; David Daranciang-Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher; Rodrigo Magat-MathematicsTeacher.



1. To help improve the educational standards of the school system through the professional advancement of its members.

2. To provide opportunities whereby the members may come together to discuss professional, cultural, social, economic and political trends and educational issues.

3. To promote professional ideas and standards so as to better serve the educational objectives of Filipino American educators and students.

4. To raise funds through contributions, donations, bequests, gifts and grants from members, as well as from public and private agencies, charitable institutions and philanthropic societies, for the advancement of the association’s programs.


During PAGDIRIWANG, FAEW sponsors the annual Celebration of Excellence in Education, a tribute to high school graduating class members, their  families and their teachers. FAEW awards book scholarships ($150 each) to students going on to college, and when funds allowed, FAEW has also awarded a $1,000 tuition scholarship to a college student pursuing a degree in education; for three years, three high school students were recipients of $1,000 scholarship grants from FAEW. FAEW was also able to honor deceased member Emilio Castillo one year with a scholarship award to a high school student. The current 4th Book Scholarship-the Venus Placer-Barber Book Scholarship was donated by her family after her death. In 2008, FAEW awarded six (6) book scholarships. The FAEW leadership in 2009 raised the book scholarships to $200 each. In 2012, Mr. Celso Tolman added two $500 scholarships in honor of the late Maj. Urbano Quijance for a graduating high school student who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and in honor of the late Mr. Mars Rivera for a graduating high school student who has demonstrated outstanding citizenship and community involvement. He has tasked FAEW for being in-charge of setting up the criteria of selection and awarding requirements to be included in the 2012 Celebration of Excellence in Education, FAEW’s 40th anniversary year. Beloved community leaders Maj. Urbano Quijance passed away in 2011 and Mr. Mars Rivera passed away in 2010. This year, 2013, Mr. Celso Tolman is donating another $500 scholarship and has tasked FAEW Secretary Ms. Annabel Garcia-Andresen to manage the selection of this year’s special winner.

The GLORIA Educator of the Year Award, an annual honor given to an outstanding active FAEW educator who is still in active service who has demonstrated excellence and commitment to education is also presented at the program. This award goes to an FAEW member personifying the following qualities: G-giving glory to the association; L-leadership; O-outstanding work as an educator; R-rigor, relevance, responsibility and accountability; I-initiative and inspiration; A-positive attitude and regular attendance in the monthly FAEW meetings. (This was first awarded to FAEW co-founder Gloria Ysmael Adams during her retirement celebration in 1998 and since then the trophy has been passed on each year to an outstanding FAEW member in active service exemplifying the same dedication modeled by her.) FAEW’s 2012 Outstanding Educator of the Year, Special Education Teacher Ms. Cynthia Mejia-Giudici, of Roosevelt High School, and also former FAEW Secretary, is chairing the sub-committee for the selection of this year’s awardee. FAEW Vice-President Manny Divina is chairing the CEE Committee again with the assistance of FAEW Current Auditor Tess Shafer and FAEW Past Presidents Tessie Herrera and Lauren Divina. The Distinguished Service Award for an FAEW Retired Educator is a trophy donation of the family of the late Purificacion Manangan in her honor (mother of FAEW Past President Nolette Serra) to celebrate an FAEW retiree who continues to serve the community even after retirement.  

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