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Maharlika Art Exhibit


Del Avila Bermudez II was born in the Philippines on November 11, 1942 graduated with the degree of BS Architecture in 1969 at St. Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines. He migrated to the USA in 1971.

He was awarded a Plaque of Distinction for Outstanding Executive in the Field of Cottage Industry by the Far East Commentators in Manila, Philippines.

He joined the 1964 World Tour of the Bayanihan Philippine National Folk Dance Company, was later appointed as consultant & researcher for the company by the Late Dr. Lucrecia Reyes Urtula, Choreographer and Directress, and National Artist in Dancing.

He received an Honorary Award in the 1965 BIBAK Cañao, an annual Igorot Festival Tribal Dances in his company The Bermudez Kaibab Tribal Dance Company.

Inspired by his affinity to the traditional cultural folk dances, Philippine handicrafts & arts, he first created a few graphite rendu of his Sarimanok Series, a Philippine Legendary Bird from the southern Island of Mindanao, and first exhibited at the Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival at the Seattle Center, WA on June 2014.

A self-taught artist, he later began painting in oil. He discovered the use of the point of a sewing needle as the instrument to render his oil paintings, thus the birth of Needlepoint Painting. He demonstrates Needlepoint Painting on the spot in his exhibitions.

He dedicated his Sarimanok Series to the Meranao of the war torn Marawi of Lanao, the origin of the legendary bird. The style is expressed in a variety of compositions of birds in flight, flowers, butterflies, horse and fishes. Future projects include: Peacock, Bird of Paradise, Man of Kaibab, Dragon & many more.

He had his first one man exhibition at the Philippine Consulate General Center in New York In December 2016.



NOEL BOTE BAUTISTA was born in 1969 in Taal Batangas Philippines. At an early age Noel was a lover of art. He is especially drawn to painting fish and landscapes. He was consistent in joining and winning Art contests during his elementary school, high school and college years. Noel graduated from the Lyceum of the Philippine University with a BSBA degree in Marketing in 1993.


Noel continued to paint and became active in the Philippine art scene. Years passed and in 2003 Noel made the big decision to immigrate to the USA. His dream to have his first solo show in New York City was fulfilled in 2010. He also mounted his second solo show in 2013 at the Big Apple.

In 2017 Noel had his Third solo Exhibit at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center in Tacoma, Washington. This show featured undersea paintings.


Noel's major theme of Enigma Sculptures will be his ultimate life commitment as an artist. In November 2015, Noel formally opened the BOTE ART MUSEUM at his birthplace in TAAL. This is another life dream success the artist.

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