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United States Senator

Dear Friends,


I am writing to welcome you to the 28th Annual Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival. As part of the Seattle Center’s Festal program, Pagdiriwang represents a unique opportunity to further explore the culture, art, food, music, and dance of the Philippines and its people.


This year’s theme, “Philippines: The Sarimanok Soars” refers to the vibrantly colored bird of legend that symbolizes good fortune. At Pagdiriwang, we have the good fortune to enjoy the many performances from local Filipino community groups and the Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington. Thank you to the many performers who will grace the stage this weekend and share their heritage with us.


Composed from more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines have a rich and diverse culture that blends numerous cultural influences. We are lucky to enjoy Pagdiriwang 2014, which allows us to experience a piece of Filipino culture. You have my best wishes for a successful festival.

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