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All Hyped Up!

Summer Hypin' UP Pinoy/Pinay Entertainers

Summer H.Y.P.E. made its debut at the 23rd annual Pagdiriwang with support from Filipino American Civic Employees of Seattle (FACES).  A showcase of young talent in multiple genres, Summer H.Y.P.E is a celebration of the many aspects of arts & entertainment that our young Filipinos involve themselves in on a daily basis. H.Y.P.E. also strives to provide a voice to young Filipinos & their generation of peers as they contribute to the evolution of our Filipino & Filipino American culture across multiple mediums of arts & entertainment.   Although performers are new and/or young to the industry, we also want to use this program as a way to provide a bridge between multiple generations where young & young once generations can come together to learn from each other & celebrate our contributions & impact to today’s arts, entertainment, and other multimedia industries. Produced, created, & performed by young Pinoy/Pinay artists and entertainers, this production shares our accomplishments with all generations within our community as well as those who are having their first experience in our culture! 

Summer H.Y.P.E. co-chairs: Annabel Lee Garcia-Andresen, LeMar Mattox and Anthony Manahan with Battalion Entertainment

With stage management by Battalion Entertainment, Summer H.Y.P.E. showcases a variety of performances. It is not your typical song & dance show because it offers an open stage at one of the largest gatherings to celebrate Filipino & Filipino American culture to spoken word artists, DJs, graphic designers, clothing designers, artists, dramatic renditions of plays, live bands & others.


Summer H.Y.P.E. also provides the opportunity to advertise & network with other young artists, the Filipino Community, & the general public. The program of events provided at the show includes a description of each participant & lists their contact information so that those wishing to contact the groups or collaborate with them may do so by using the information provided in the program.


The goal of Summer H.Y.P.E. has always been to showcase our up & coming youth in their respective art form, provide an accessible network, and to provide an avenue of understanding among our community about what our youth consider as part of their life & our culture. We are strong as one community when we celebrate what our youth has to offer. Mabuhay! 

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