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Greetings to my fellow Filipinos in the Seattle area as you celebrate the 117th anniversary of Philippine Independence and the 29th consecutive year of Pagdiriwang.


The Mindanao theme is relevant to all as a reminder that despite the challenges faced by our people in that part of the country, its value to the general welfare cannot be overemphasized. Its importance to national sovereignty and patrimony has been highlighted.


I join you in celebrating our nation’s independence with an appropriate theme and array of activities that show the world the pride of place of a freedom-loving people as world citizens contributing much value to the countries where they dedicate their diligence as overseas workers to create the better lives for themselves and their families back home.


Congratulations to the Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington and all its partner organizations, sponsors, volunteers and performers for their dedication to the cause of art and culture despite the challenges of organizing such a tremendous task.


May you succeed in your objective of educating the general public in the Pacific Northwest through your creative talents to accentuate the positive qualities, beyond the usual stereotypes, of our people.


Mabuhay kayo!

Vice President

Republic of the Philippines

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