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Sibling Poetry


LOUIE TAN VITAL is a Filipina American poet, community organizer, and Masters candidate at the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance. She has dedicated her life to fighting for racially-equitable public policy and harnessing performance arts as a means for political activism. Her words have appeared in the Smithsonian, The Filipino Channel, Yahoo News, and various news and radio outlets in America and the Philippines. Louie’s recent work experience includes anti-corruption in Manila, the Washington State House of Representatives, and the 117th Congress in the United States House of Representatives. Ultimately, Louie seeks to uplift all marginalized communities through political advocacy and eventually elected office while remaining true to herself, her community, and her ancestors.

LAUREN TAN VITAL is a Filipino American high school student and published poet. He is an aspiring engineer, self-instructed musician, athlete, and active honor society member. He writes poems about his culture and life experiences.

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