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Alaska Federation of Filipino Americans

To increase civic awareness, enhance social responsibility and community leadership, to attain a high quality of life for all the Filipino Americans in Alaska by working together within the community.



That all unified Filipino Americans in Alaska, regardless of ethnicity, experience, and "ability" can grow, and be valued as contributing members of our community.



Every year, AFFA holds a major fund-raising event, and selectively dedicate its resources to public service projects like our youth mentorship programs, business assistance, cultural and medical awareness programs, educational services, civic and political information workshops, media awareness forums and leadership awards banquet.



Our mission, vision, and strategy are based on our three core beliefs:


Issues that affect the future of Alaska, the country, affect our future. As citizens of the United States and residents of Alaska, we have the opportunity to participate in the socio-political processes that affect our daily life. Rather than limit our focus to traditional "minority" issues like immigration policy and foreign aid to the Philippines, we must consider the "mainstream", domestic issues like education policy and tax reform. We believe that we have a deep obligation to serve as a change agent, sharing our experience with others both individually and within the public policy.


Leadership can take many forms. Each of us, here in Alaska, is a member of at least one or more diverse groups organized according to beliefs, ethnicity, profession, geography, gender, etc. — that present numerous opportunities for our involvement and leadership. We believe that by pooling our resources to support common goals, we strive to benefit the entire Filipino-American community in Alaska. We believe that it is important to recognize and value individual differences and diversity as a mean of validating our own uniqueness and affirming in the great diversity of the human community. We need to respect each other's differences, share each other's strengths and aid each other in our weaknesses. We believe that our diversity is our strength. A Filipino American leadership, therefore, in any field or area, will definitely reflect positively on the Filipino-American community as a whole.


Active, aware, and motivated individuals can make a tremendous difference. American and Filipino American history is rich with stores of individuals willing to take risks for what they believed. By fostering the active exchange of ideas and information, AFFA believes we can facilitate the development of a new generation of leaders.

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