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Festival Highlights


ARMORY MAIN STAGE // The prelude at 11:00am begins with a Kalinga tribe chant, followed by a ritual dance by the Filipinas Performing Arts of Washington State, with BIBAK Pacific Northwest, and with the Alaska Federation of Filipino American, Inc. (AFFA).  This will be followed by the singing of the US and of the Philippine Anthems by Manette Paragas.  Opening remarks by JP Paredes, President of Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington (FCHSW), producer of the annual Pagidiriwang Philippine Festival, followed by the Welcome Keynote by Rufino S. Ignacio, Vice President of the Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington, and by the Inspirational Speaker, Henry S. Bensurto, Consul General.of the Republic of the Philippines.






1) Igorotak Ethnic Fashion Show by Filipinas Performing Arts of Washington State (FPAWS), BIBAK Pacific Northwest, and Alaska Federation of Filipino Americans, Inc. (AFFA). It is a showcase of ethnic outfits of the various tribes of the Northern Luzon Cordillera Region - - Bontoc, Ifugao, Benguet, Apayao, Kalinga, and Abra.


Opya Mi Un iKalinga-  A spirited performance  of traditional Kalinga dances, songs, chants and musical instruments. This is a short glimpse of the Kalinga life echoes the core of values learned from their rootedness to the land, their connectedness to the unseen and the value they put in belonging to a community. Directed and choreographed by Juliet Omli Cawas Cheatle. A special collaborative performance of the Filipinas Performing Arts of Washington State (FPAWS), BIBAK of Pacific Northwest, Alaska Federation of Filipino Americans, Inc. of Alaska, with Walter Gaerlan, Kalinga guest performing artist from Las Vegas, and Eduardo Cruz, Music Director of Likha Pilipino Folk Ensemble of San Francisco.



  • Mampakkoy un manbuliti - A loud jubilant shout to invite folks from nearby villages to a celebration.

  • Tatajok – Festival dance with the beating of the gongs or bamboo instruments participated by the men, women and children of the village.

  • Salidsid – The dance simulates roosters and hen at play performed during festivals and weddings.

  • Ugayam and Ullalim –  An epic ballad to address, to welcome and to acknowledge everyone that gathered for a celebration.

  • Salidommay – Songs of gaiety by groups of women and men joyful excitement in any village celebration.

  • Ballogay -  A song to welcome or to express acknowledgement. Also a song to suggest or to propose. 

  • Man agto si banga  ya  Langaya dance – A dance where the Kalinga women shows their agility in balancing the langaya or banga on top of their head; A daily routine to fetch water or carry rice stalks, vegetables and food.


3) SAYAW of the Filipino American Student Association (FASA) at the University of Washington:  Rural and Spanish-influenced dances.


4) Kabataan Dance Group of St. Matthew:  Rural and Spanish-Influenced Dances.

5) Young Once of the International Drop-In Center (IDIC):  Rural and Spanish-influenced dances and Filipino songs that warm the heart.

6) The Filipino American Civic Employees of Seattle (FACES) dance group: Spanish-influenced and rural dances.

SUMMER HYPIN' UP YOUNG PINOY ENTERTAINERS (H.Y.P.E.): ARMORY MAIN STAGE // This youth-focused event, chaired by Annabel Lee Garcia-Andresen, LeMar Mattox, Anthony Manahan with Battalion Entertainment is a showcase of young Filipino talents, featuring music, dance performances, art exhibit, and urban fashion, and more. CONTINUE READING


STAGE PERFORMANCES: ARMORY MAIN STAGE // Cynthia Alexander, her very distinctive Asian rhythms to lyrical with finger picking on unconventional tunings together with Mike Antone, Camelia Jade, and Tala Alexander; The Roque Brothers – Rey, Ramon, Reuben, and Ruel Roque; The Barriotiques, composed of Jess Cabusao, Lito Puyat, Abe Legaspi and Roger Rigor; The Fil-Am Society Choir, directed by Carmen Pelayre.


FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS (FMA) DEMONSTRATIONS: ARMORY MAIN STAGE // Arnis, Kali, and Eskrima are forms of the Filipino combative arts taught by Punong Guro Myrlino P. Hufana, founder and grandmaster of the World Filipino Martial Arts Association (WFMAA). FMA is a combative art that is a complete system of self-defense and stand-alone fighting system. FMA training by Punong Guro Hufana is based on classical movements, concepts, and philosophy of the Filipino combative arts. CONTINUE READING


FILIPINO YOUTH ACTIVITIES DRILL TEAM: ARMORY COURT // Starting a grand celebration requires a marvelous finale! Precision marches combined with elegant movements drawn from traditional dances are the trademark of the acclaimed FYA Drill Team, directed by Lynette and Ron Consego. They bring Pagdiriwang to a rousing close every year. CONTINUE READING



The 2016 Musika at Iba Pa, organized and coordinated by Chito Refuerzo, with the assistance of Ernie Paragas, Jr. This outdoor musical show features several bands and other performers, featuring:


1) The Aglalaok Martial Arts Brotherhood composed of Balintawak Cuentada Escrima, Amerindo Self Defense System, and International Martial Arts and Boxing. 


2) Cynthia Alexander, her very distinctive Asian rhythms to lyrical with finger picking on unconventional tunings together with Mike Antone, Camelia Jade, and Tala Alexander; The Barriotiques, composed of Jess Cabusao, Lito Puyat, Abe Legaspi and Roger Rigor.


3) AJAE (Antuan Bella, Jasmine Kilcrease, Anela Apuhin, and Emily So)


4) Inter-active Music and Dance Workshop: Mini Kanyaw  to be conducted by BIBAK Pacific Northwest. During this interactive workshop, the audience will learn how to play the gongs (“mamarook” or “mampayook” si gansa”) and musical bamboo instruments (mam balingbing and man tongatong.  Viewers will also learn the  traditional dances of the Igorots like the “Tajok” of the Kalingas, “Bendian” of the Benguet Kankanaeys, “Pattong” of the Bontoks and “Sakpaya” of the Ifugao tribe. 




ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, and HISTORICAL EXHIBITS: LOFT LOBBY, ARMORY // Maharlika Art Exhibit featuring works by Filipino artists Olivia Zapata and Del Bermudez; Photography Exhibit featuring Leia Maminta Smith and Iris Dumuk


ARTIFACTS EXHIBIT: LOFT 3, ARMORY // Burton Holt’s collection of Philippine Cordillera artifacts


HISTORICAL EXHIBIT: LOFT 3, ARMORY // Bessang Pass Exhibit by Conrado and Roger Rigor


INFORMATION BOOTH: ARMORY COURT // The Information Booth will distribute program schedules and event information managed by Margot Perrin.



PAGDIRIWANG THANKSGIVING MASS: Sacred Heart Church, 205 2nd Avenue North, Seattle // Coordinated by Carmen Pelayre.  Songs of the Liturgy to be sung by The Fil-Am Society Choir, directed by Carmen Pelayre, Sponsored by Dr. Nick and Cindy Panlasigui, Hermano and Hermana Mayores and Honorary Chairs of Pagdiriwang 2016.


ROBOTICS AND 3D ART: NORTH BALCONY, ARMORY // Children’s hands-on activities on Robotics and 3D Art facilitated by Jon Madamba, FCS Steam Lab Director, with Agnes N. Garcia, Culture & Arts Program, both from the Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS).


FILM FESTIVAL: LOFT 2, ARMORY // Adrian Ellis Jaranila Alarilla of the University of Washington, and Renee Opinion-Blake, presents the DIWA Film Showcase. CONTINUE READING


DEMO ON KALINGA WEAVING: BALCONY, ARMORY // “Laga” Kalinga weaving demonstration – A great opportunity to learn about the dramatic textile and weaving tradition of the eKalingas. Guests will have the chance to try on the backstrap weaving just like how the Kalinga women do it.


LECTURE AND DEMO ON INDIGENOUS HAND-TAP TATTOO: LOFT 3, ARMORY // Lane Wilcken, author and Mambabatek (cultural practitioner) of the ancient arts of the Philippines, focusing on the spiritual practice of indigenous hand-tap tattoos.

CHILDREN'S HANDS-ON ART ACTIVITIES: NORTH BALCONY, ARMORY // Drawing and coloring, lantern-making, Pabitin-making, and a traditional Filipino game, the patintero. To be conducted by student volunteers of the Culture & Arts Program of the Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS).

DRAMA/COMEDY: LOFT 4, ARMORY // Dragon Lady – Sara Porkalob’s one-woman show spanning three generations of her own family; it stands as an intergenerational collage of memories. 


BLOOD DONATION DRIVE: SEATTLE CENTER LAWN // Sponsored by The Beta Sigma Fraternity NW

photo by Aurora Santiago

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