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FACES Dance Troupe and
Filipiniana Dance Company

FACES Filipiniana DT 2023-05-28.jpg

The FACES Dance Troupe was founded in 1990, the same year that Filipino-American employees of the City of Seattle founded the FACES employee association.

FACES is an inclusive organization that champions the dignity, rights, and privileges of Filipino-Americans; fosters understanding and collaboration among people of all backgrounds and experiences, and gives voice and visibility to issues.

Sagwan 2023-05-28.jpg

"Sagwan" Rural Dance

Kasanduayan 2023-05-28.jpg

"Kasanduayan" Muslim Dance

The Dance Troupe (DT) is comprised of active and retired civic employees of Seattle including their family and friends.

FACES DT has performed at hundreds of civic, cultural, and private events including Pagdiriwang, Pista sa Nayon, NW Folklife Festival; and events sponsored by the cities of Seattle, Bellevue, Algona, Shoreline, Tacoma, etc.; and by King County and the state of Washington.

Tinikling 2023-05-23.jpg

"Tinikling" Rural Dance

2023-05-28 SINGKIL.jpg

"Singkil" Muslim Dance

Tinikling 2023-05-23 (1).jpg
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