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BIBAK of the Pacific Northwest is a cultural group dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich culture of the Cordillera tribes. BIBAK is an acronym for the five provinces: Benguet, Ifugao, Bontoc (Mountain Province), Apayao, and Kalinga. BIBAK strives to pass down the traditions, like songs and dances, to younger generations, as well as to teach others about the unique cultures in the region. BIBAK of the Pacific Northwest was founded in 1992 and has since grown and expanded, adding people to the BIBAK family throughout the years. There are dozens of other BIBAK organizations throughout the United States and internationally, all with the goal of celebrating and sharing the rich culture of the Cordillera tribes. 



BIBAK is a non-profit, socio-cultural organization. BIBAK is an acronym for the northern provinces in the Cordillera Region: Benguet, Ifugao, Bontoc (Mountain Province), Apayao/Abra, and Kalinga. BIBAK Organization of British Columbia is a conglomeration of British Columbians who ascribe to the Igorot heritage by virtue of birth, descendance or affiliation. This group provides a place where people alike can express their unique Igorot heritage and preserve the culture and traditions that our ancestors have set before us. There are many BIBAK groups around the world. Founded in 1991, BIBAK BC has grown in number and desire to maintain our cultural heritage. Our current BIBAK Youth Group consists of over 30 individuals that meet during weekly workshops. Each person comes with eagerness and ambition to learn of their traditions from elders, practice cultural dancing and gangsa (brass gong playing). These workshops also include education regarding each province’s tribal practices (for weddings, harvest season, and special events) and attire, including the baag (for males) and tapis (for women). Through their common heritage, these young Igorots have created a strong bond and welcome others who wish to continue in learning the Igorot culture to keep it alive. BIBAK BC Youth have performed for multiple events and festivals within the Vancouver area, such as: Filipino Independence Day Vancouver, Pinoy Fiesta, Historama, International Igorot Consultation, Chinese New Year Festival, Taiwan Festival, and Canada Day.

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