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Day Two


​JUNE 2, 2019

*Sacred Heart Church

  • 11am – 12pm l Pagdiriwang Thanksgiving Mass


*Armory Ground Floor

  • ​11am – 12:30pm l Drill Team Exhibition

​*Armory Stage​

  • ​12:30 – 1pm I Aming Taos Pusong Pagtatanghal

  • ​1 – 2pm I "Arnis" Warrior Martial Arts of the Philippines

  • 2 – 2:30pm l Sayaw at Musika ng mga Katutubong Pilipino

  • 2:30 – 3pm I Filipino Traditional Songs

  • 3 – 3:30pm I Malonging

  • 3​:30 – 4pm I Classical Songs

  • 4 – 430pm I Filipiniana Outfits Showcase

  • 4:30 – 5pm l Filipino Dances

  • 5 – 5:30pm I Tahing Baila, Vinta, Burong Talo, Asik and Singkil

  • 5 – 5:45pm l The Sounds of Kulintang

  • 5:45 – 6:15pm I Barrio Fiesta and Maria Clara Dances


*Armory Court

​11am – 6pm

  • Culinary Art Food Display

  • Historical Exhibit

  • Event Information Booth

  • Merchandise Booths and Information Booths

​*West Armory Balcony

Food Demonstrations

  • 2-3pm l Miki Tutorial by Archipelago

  • 4-5pm l Suman by Jan Parker Cookery

*East Armory Balcony

11am – 6pm

  • Children's Hands-on Activities

  • Robotics

​*Armory Loft Lobby

11am – 6pm l Maharlika Art Exhibit

*Armory Loft 1A

11am – 7pm l DIWA Film Showcase

*Armory Loft 1B

Teatro Pilipino

  • 1 – 2pm l Kultura

  • – 3pm l Mr. DC

  • 3 – 4pm l Tides of Fortune

​*Armory Loft 2

11am – 6pm l Photography Exhibit

​*Armory Loft 3

  • 11am – 6pm l Artifacts Exhibit

  • 11:30am – 1:30pm l Talibeng

*Armory Loft 4

3 – 5pm l Martial Arts Lecture and Demo

​*Mural Amphitheatre​​

12 6pm l Musika at Iba Pa

  • 12 – 1 I FliPublic

  • 1 – 2 I Amoy Barya

  • 2 – 3 I Ultra

  • 3 – 4 I Rick Matthew Sanchez

  • 4 – 5 I Graceland Manila

  • 5 – 6 I Kabagiz Band

*Mural Roadway

11am 6pm

  • Food Booths

  • Garments, wares and goods

Watch the captivating FYA Drill Team LIVE on June 2nd 11am!

JUNE 2, 2019
Sacred Heart Parish


11AM – 12PM l Pagdiriwang Thanksgiving Mass

Coordinated by Carmen “Mimi” Pelayre, Director of the Fil-Am Society Choir.  Rev. Rich Luberti, C.Ss.R. will officiate the Mass


Armory Ground Floor


11AM – 12:30PM l Drill Team Exhibition

Featuring the Filipino Youth Activity (FYA) Drill Team. Direction and choreography by Alycia Luke.


Armory Stage


12:30PM – 1PM l Aming Taos Pusong  Pagtatanghal (Our Heartfelt Performance)

Featuring the Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS) Kalahi Dance Company to perform the Banga/Langaya dance, a Kalinga Festival Dance with the Salidommay song, Aanak, of the Kalinga artist, Arnel Banasan. Rural dances, such as Magtanim Ay Hindi Biro, Zamboanga, Nasudi, Esperanza, and Spanish-influenced dances, such as, Polka sa Plasa, Polka sa Nayon, Kuratsa and Sayaw sa Cuyo. The FCS Kalahi Dance Company features performers of various age groups. Juliet Cheatle, dance instructor and choreographer.


1PM – 2PM | “Arnis,” Warrior Martial Arts of the Philippines

Featuring Hufana Traditional Arnis International (HTAI) with Punong Guro Myrlino Hufana.


2PM – 2:30PM l Sayaw at Musika ng mga Katutubong Pilipino

A showcase of stories, music and dances of the Kalingas of Luzon and of the Bangsamoros and Lumads of Mindanao Island. Featuring the United Filipino Club of Seattle University and the Filipinas Performing Arts of Washington State (FPAWS). With Titania Buchholdt, master kulintang musician. Will feature Dugso, Inagong Sayaw-sayaw, Madal T'boli, Tiruray social dance Kadtendung dance, and a Kalinga celebratory dance, the Entako Makavochong (Coming Together in Peace). Juliet Cheatle and Marie Serica, directors and choreographers.


2:30PM – 3PM I Filipino Traditional Songs

Featuring the Fil-Am Society Choir, directed by  Carmen “Mimi” Pelayre.


3PM – 3:30PM I Malonging: How to Wear a Malong

With Titania Buchholdt, Marie Serica, and Juliet Cheatle


3:30PM – 4PM I Classical Songs

Featuring Ken Sabalza, baritone vocalist of Seattle, bringing to the stage a variety of genres from opera, ballads and gospel songs.


4PM – 4:30PM I Filipiniana Outfits Showcase

Featuring various styles of Filipino outfits for men and women that are made out of hand-woven abaca fabrics, pineapple fabrics, ramie, and cotton. Coordinated by Melrose Ninal Benefits.

4:30PM – 5PM I Filipino Dances

Featuring Jotabal, Timawa, Alcamfor, Gayong gayong, Sapatya, and Aron Balo Balo by the Filipino-American Civic Employees of Seattle (FACES) Dance Group, with Pilar Nable, choreographer.


5PM – 5:30PM I Tahing Baila, Vinta, Burong Talo, Asik and Singkil

By SAYAW of the Filipino American Student Association (FASA) at the University of Washington. Liezel Moraleja-Hackett and Patrick Pineda, dance instructors and choreographer. Cassandra Yabes, coordinator.


5:30PM – 5:45PM I The Sounds of a Kulintang

Featuring Titania Buchholdt.


5:45PM – 6:15PM I Barrio Fiesta and Maria Clara Dances

Featuring Maria Clara Dances: Jota Paragua, Carinosa, Bailes de Antano, Paseo de IloIlo, Jota Manilena, and La Estudiantina; and Barrio Fiesta dances: Sayaw sa Bangko, Pukol, Pandanggo sa Ilaw-oasiwas, Maglalatik, Binasuan, Subli, and Tinikling by SAYAW of the Filipino American Student Association (FASA) at the University of Washington. Liezel Moraleja-Hackett and Patrick Pineda, dance instructors and choreographers.


Armory Court


11AM – 6PM l Culinary Art Food Display

Featuring Violet Noriega, author and culinary art specialist.


11AM – 6PM l Historical Exhibit

By Dorothy L. Cordova, Ph.D., co-founder and Director of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS)


11AM – 6PM I Event Information Booth

With Summer dela Cruz and the Filipino American Youth Association

11AM – 6PM l Merchandise booths and Information booths



East Armory Balcony


11AM – 6PM | Children’s Hands-on Activities and Art Activities

Filipino table game called Sungka, Yo-yo playing, and coloring activities.

11AM – 6PM | Robotics

Coordinated by David Calicdan


West Armory Balcony



Ray Diwag, Coordinator


2PM – 3PM I Miki Tutorial

Featuring Aaron Versoza and Amber Manuguid of Archipelago

4PM – 5PM I Suman

Featuring Jan Parker Cookery



Armory Loft Lobby


11AM – 6PM I Maharlika Art Exhibit

Featuring Noel Bote, Visual artist, sculpture, and performing artist.



Armory Loft 1A


11am – 7pm I DIWA Filipino Film Showcase

By Kalipayan Collective composed of Adrian Ellis Alarilla, Joni Gutierrez, Julian Blake, and Renee Opinion-Blake.



Armory Loft 1B



Featuring Sean Dagiwa Altuna, Matt dela Cruz, Rheanna Atendido and Mara Elissa Palma, with Eloisa Cardona, actress and stage director.


1PM – 2PM I Kultura: Reading of an original screenplay. A work in progress.

Featuring Sean Dagiwa Altuna


2PM – 3PM I Mr. DC: A solo performance

Featuring Matt dela Cruz


3PM – 4PM I Tides of Fortune: A new musical work in progress

With Rheanna Atendido and Maral Elissa Palma



Armory Loft 2


11AM – 6PM I Pagdiriwang Photography Exhibit

Featuring Frances Mortel, Johnedel Matias, Lorie Limson Cook, with Leia Maminta Smith, Ph.D., coordinator.



Armory Loft 3


11AM – 6PM I Artifacts Exhibit

Featuring Burton Holt, artist and artifacts collector


11:30AM – 1:30PM I Talibeng: The Sound of Gongs

By Kirby Dagas, lecturer.



Armory Loft 4


3PM – 5PM I Martial Arts Lecture and Demo

Featuring Frank Dominguez, Instructor.



Mural Amphitheatre


12PM – 6PM l Musika at Iba Pa

Coordinated by Teza Mendoza


12PM – 1PM I FliPublic

1PM – 2PM I Amoy Barya

2PM – 3PM I Ultra

3PM – 4PM I Rick Matthew Sanchez

4PM – 5PM I Graceland Manila

5PM – 6PM I Kabagiz Band



Mural Roadway


11AM – 6PM l Food Booths

Espie’s, Carlos Catering, Uncle Mike’s Snow Ice, and Road Chef, Inc.

11AM – 6PM l Garments, wares, and goods. Native Creations and Indian Arts

Schedules, names and details may be changed without prior notice or during the day of the event.

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