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Culinary Art Display

The Culinary Art Exhibit at the 2024 Pagdiriwang Festival at the Seattle Center on June I - 2, features the Philippine Refreshments or “Pampalamig.” The Philippines is blessed with an abundance of luscious tropical fruits, the key ingredients in the many interesting and delicious drinks. The display will feature some thirst-quenching refreshments with directions on how to create them.


Violeta Noriega, author of the cookbook “Philippine Recipes Made Easy” has been curating the culinary art exhibit for many years. This year, Violeta shares with you some of the favorite Filipino drinks as well as some of her innovative concoctions.  She hopes to inspire you to learn, create and share an array of special refreshments for your enjoyment and for sharing with family and friends. Come and check them out!

This concoction is from the luscious mango fruits grown in the Philippines. Take the pulp out of a ripe mango, put in a blender. Blend, with just enough water. Add a little sugar if desired. Serve cold and enjoy!

Photo - Violet Noriega.jpg


Violeta Noriega has been the curator and creative force behind the Philippine culinary special events and exhibits at the annual Pagdiriwang Festival at the Seattle Center and in various North American events over the years. She shares, elevates and enhances the Philippine food art and presentation with her innovative and inspiring ideas. Filipino arts and handcrafted items are featured in her creations of simple, elaborate and unique table settings. Violeta has done workshops, demonstrations, displays, exhibits and videos on the many aspects of the Philippine Table Arts.


Noriega is the author of the popular cookbook Philippine Recipes Made Easy which is on its 10th printing and has garnered many positive reviews on and from users. She serves the educational community as a resource for Philippine books, bilingual children’s books and materials. Violeta holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines.

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