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The FACES of Justice, Equality

and Career Development

With its mission "To champion dignity, rights and privileges to all Filipino Americans," the nonprofit Filipino American Civic Employees of Seattle (FACES) was established in 1990 to work with the Filipino American community and other people of color to influence policies affect our common causes. Membership is open to all diverse ethnic backgrounds. Its advocacy can thus be summarized into (a) continuing and strengthening the Race & Social Justice efforts; (b) empowering members; (c) strengthening network & connections; (d) increasing visibility within the City and greater community; (e) promoting leadership and upward mobility fora qualified candidates; and (f) encouraging mentorship, career navigation and succession planning.

Annual Education Conference Planned for October 2013 with exciting speakers and topic, the annual conference captures various themes addressing some of the challenges and issues encountered in the quest to make a difference both in the workplace and in society.

Scholarships To help train and develop leaders, FACES has scholarship programs to assist members and their immediate family in pursuing higher education; to support leadership and career development of members; and to provide them and the Filipino American community the opportunity to attend the FACES Training Conference.

Community Sponsorships Several community sponsorships have been awarded this year to NAFFAA, FCS, FANHS, Inter*Im, Gawad Kalinga, Hate Free Zone, FCHSW and others that support its mission and vision.

Community Engagement & Partnerships As a community outreach, its Board of Directors and members continue to solidify the organization’s partnerships and effort to improve the quality of life and strengthen socio-economic justice efforts.

Raised Funds for Leyte Relief Efforts-Mudslides The board of directors were proactive in helping the victims of mudslides that killed hundreds in Guinsaugon (Southern Leyte, Philippines). Members worked with the Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS) and National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) on disaster relief fundraising efforts that resulted in a city- and county-wide urgent appeal for funds to help the victims.

Hosted Filipino-American Educators from the Philippines Eleven participants of the international Filipino-American educators exchange program sponsored by the Filipino-American Educators of Washington (FAEW) were hosted by FACES to Seattle City Council Members and key staff including Department Directors and Program Directors. The international educators were also able to tour city buildings, exchange information and discuss key educational issues affecting Philippines and USA.

First Annual Joint Asian Pacific American Celebration (FACES, City of Seattle & King County) As the the main organizer for the first joint Asian Pacific American Heritage Month event co-hosted with the City of Seattle and Martin Luther King, Jr. County, the event was entitled. “Thousands of Journeys: Building Community” held in May 2006 at City Hall. This first-time event recognized the contributions and struggles of immigrant, refugee and American-born Asian and Pacific Islanders. FACES established the first “Uncle Bob Santos Community Builder Award” to honor Mr. Santos for his leadership in uniting people to pursue constructive change and commitment to socio-economic justice.

Race & Social Justice Committee The organization’s RSJI committee was established to support employees who had nowhere to turn to and is proactive on Race and Socio-economic justice.

Career Coaching/Mentoring Program This is a career strategy program to support the employee development, career navigation, personal enhancement and upward mobility of members who wish to prepare themselves for workplace changes such as new technologies, departmental reorganizations, or assistance with their long-term career goals. The program will help to empower individuals to take personal responsibility in their own professional success by working collaboratively with their coach and together design ta plan of action. Part of the Career Coaching Program is to develop measurements of success.

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