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Day One

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JUNE 3, 2023 l Saturday
Armory Court Main Stage
11AM – 12:00PM l Grand Opening Ceremony 
  • US National Anthem, Noel Bote

  • Philippine National Anthem Veronica Bella

  • Welcome Remarks JP Paredes, FCHSW President

  • Filipino Folkloric Dance SAYAW of FASA at University of Washington

  • Keynote Speaker Rose Ann Lopez, Director of Facilities, Planning & Operations, Seattle Center

  • Closing Remarks JP Paredes

Emcee: JP Paredes


12:00PM – 12:30PM l The Duo, Rigor Coloma and Teza Mendoza


12:30PM – 1PM I We Bring the Rural by the SAYAW of the Filipino American Student Association (FASA) at the University of Washington. Patrick Pineda, dance instructor, and Liezel Moraleja Hackett, dance instructor and choreographer

1PM – 1:30PM I Ride with Us Back Home by The Barriotiques


1:30PM – 2PM l Our Very Own Folk Dances by the FCS Kalahi Dance Company, with Bennyroyce Royon, teaching artist and coordinator, and Juliet Cheatle, dance instructor and choreographer


2PM -2:30PM l Philippine Regional Dances of the Countryside by the Filipiniana Multicultural Dance Troupe (FMDT), with Cecilia Filio, choreographer


2:30PM – 3PM I I’m Here by Commissioner Maricres Castro of City of Tacoma

3PM – 3:30PM I The Cordilleras by the BIBAK Pacific Northwest


3:30PM – 6PM I DIWA Films by Adrian Ellis Alarilla



Armory Court

11AM – 6PM l Culinary Art Food Display

By Violet Noriega, author and culinary art specialist


11AM – 6PM l Historical Exhibit

By Dorothy L. Cordova, Ph.D., co-founder and Director of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS)


11AM – 6PM I Philippine Birds Photo Exhibit

By seasoned photographer Jaime Javier

11AM – 6PM l Informational and Merchandise booths



West Armory Balcony

11AM – 6PM I Informational and Selling Booths


East Armory Balcony

11AM – 6PM | Children’s Hands-on Activities and Art Activities

Filipino table game, the Sungka; Yo-yo playing; art activities (drawing, painting, coloring), coordinated by Isabella, Veronica, Grazelle, and Michelle Bella

Armory Conference Room

11AM – 6PM I Diwa Films Showcase by Adrian Ellis Alarilla, Joann Natalia Aquino, and Joni Gutierrez.



Armory Loft Lobby

11AM – 6PM I Solo Art Exhibit

By Noel Bote, visual artist, sculptor, and performing artist



Armory Loft 2

11AM – 6PM I Photography Exhibit

By Aldrich Alarilla, Johnedel Matias, with Leia Maminta Smith, Ph.D., coordinator



Armory Loft 3

11AM – 6PM I Artifacts Exhibit

Featuring Albert Quino, collector, and Burton Holt, artist and artifacts collector



Armory Loft 4

11AM – 12PM I Tribal Tattoo Lecture

By Lane Wilcken, author and Mambabatek or cultural practitioner of the ancient arts of the Philippines, focusing on the spiritual practice of indigenous hand-tap tattoos

12PM – 1PM I Baybayin Ancient Writing System Lecture 

By Kristian Kabuay, artist and instructor of the ancient Philippine script, Baybayin

1PM – 2PM I Paghahabi ng mga Salita at Kultura Featuring Roberto Ascalon, Rose Booker, Nic Masangcay, and Jason Tanamor Tahat, with Robert Francis Flor, playwright


2PM – 3PM I Teatro Pilipino Reading of an Original Play, with Eloisa Cardona, actress and stage director, coordinator


3PM – 6PM I Handtapped Tattoo Demonstration by Lane Wilcken


Mural Roadway

11AM – 6PM l Food Truck featuring El Koreano


11AM – 6PM l Garments, wares, and goods by Native Creations

See you at the Seattle Center!

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Schedules, names and details may be changed without prior notice or during the day of the event.

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