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Stories of our Land, People, and Identity

June 5, 2022 l 2:30 PM


Sayaw Pilipino Folk Dance Troupe is a student-based performing arts group of the Filipino American Student Association (FASA) at the University of Washington. Taking our name from a Filipino word meaning "dance," Sayaw shares and celebrates the stories of our rich heritage and culture through the artistic expression of dance.

Whether it is a jota from the Spanish-influenced Maria Clara Suite, a ‘tachok’ or thanksgiving dance from the Cordillera Suite, a dance symbolizing water from the Mindanao suite, or the very well-known Tinikling from the Barrio Fiesta Suite, Sayaw is proud to share all of these dances, which tell the story of our land, our people, our identity. 


Contact Sayaw at:

With performances up and down the West Coast since the late 1980's, Sayaw rehearses year-round to educate and entertain. We have been fortunate to share our talents and celebrate at various UW campus events, as well as Lunar New Year festivals, Simbanggabi celebrations, Dragon Fest, Pista sa Nayon, NW Folklife Festival, KCTS No Passport Required, and Filipino Heritage Night at Safeco Field. We are especially honored and proud to be a part of this annual Pagdiriwang celebration.


Folk dances of the Philippines may depict daily life, ritual and ceremonial dances, celebration and social-gathering dances- such as celebrating a good harvest; or they may be more abstract and symbolic, such as fish twirling in the ocean waves. Sayaw’s performance today is a recording from a previous performance of one of our favorite dances, Singkil, a folk dance of the Maranao people in Mindanao. Our Sayaw coordinator, Alfred Escorpiso, explains the dance further in our video.

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