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Bote came to America in 2003 to achieve his dream of presenting his first solo act show in 2010 in New York City. This show presented an Acrylic Portfolio of Underwater Tropical Scenes. It superbly illustrates the range of radiating colors hidden in the deep Pacific Ocean near his birthplace in 1969 in Taal Batangas, Philippines.


In 2013 he introduced ENIGMA his second solo show in New York City which transformed Bote’ into a Master Artist with the Ease of Spirits. He has created hundreds of these complex yet simple Works of Art. He says, “I am inspired to create this infinite design after observing and caring for my fellow human beings.”


In 2015 Bote’ ever able to open his museum in Taal, after his family realized his passions. They decided to convert their ancestral home into a much larger space for Bote’s now significant collection of ENIGMAS for people to enjoy.

Bote became a United State citizen in 2022. He continues to expand his inventory of thousands of ENIGMA designs into Glass Panels and Metal Sculptures.

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