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Joseph Harris

I was born and raised in San Francisco until I was 4. My parents decided to move to Honolulu, Hawaii, the place I would call home because that is all that I could remember growing up. When I was 12, I visited San Francisco for the first time because of the National Yoyo Competition. It was when I placed 4th after only one year of practicing did I realize I was given a gift.


It was not until I moved back to San Francisco for college where that gift would be shown to the world. The highlights of my yoyo career being crowned the three-time National Yoyo Champion and appearing on America’s Got Talent while performing around the world.


Through the yoyo, I have been given the opportunity to become somewhat famous and follow my passion for travel doing something I love. My life has been forever changed that one day when the yoyo professionals came to my school at Ala Wai Elementary. How do I start to pay back what the yoyo has given me? I continue to spread my love and passion for the yoyo to others in hopes that they do the same. Yoyos have transformed the person I was and made me the person I am today, YOYO JOE.

YoYo Joe brings modern yo-yo tricks to a whole new level. As a former member of the World Championship Team High Performance and currently sponsored by Team YoYoJam, he has toured the world demonstrating yo-yo’s. Some of the highlights of his yo-yo career include being the 3-time U.S. National YoYo Champion (2008, 2011, 2013), appearing on America’s Got Talent and Fox Kids.

photos by John Huber

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