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Black Pinay

BLACK PINAY Home offers an elevated home fragrance experience. The candle line is made in small batches and hand-poured in Seattle. BLACK PINAY candles consist of high-quality non-toxic fragrance oils and coconut soy blend wax. We invite you to enjoy Filipino-inspired nostalgic scents curated by Jennifer Marie, owner of BLACK PINAY. 


My Lola, whom I called Nana, was my main caregiver growing up when my parents were at work. Sadly, Nana was deprived of the privilege to attend school during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines and, therefore, only spoke her native dialect, Ilocano. I feel fortunate that her language was passed down to me; I grew up bilingual and spoke fluent Ilocano and English. A young Black girl who spoke Ilocano was highly unusual.

BLACK PINAY Home consists of a special line of candles with unique scents that remind me of my Lola’s home, and family parties, with bibingka in one hand and a karaoke mic in the other. Elements of the Philippines are missed dearly. My hope for BLACK PINAY was to create something that reminded me of my mother’s homeland with the hope that it would resonate with many others of the Filipinx diaspora looking to reconnect to the homeland. 

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