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Filipiniana Multicultural

Dance Troupe

The Filipiniana Multicultural Dance Troupe (FMDT) was launched on February 22, 2014 during its maiden performance at the FilAm League event in Lakewood, WA. Registered with the Office of the Secretary of State of Washington as a non profit organization, FMDT was formed to promote, preserve and share the saga of our Filipino cultural heritage through dances and songs with occasional inclusion of other enriching cultural dances thus showcasing the group's versatility.


The Filipiniana Multicultural Dance Troupe has performed in Tacoma, Lakewood, Seattle, Olympia, Lacey, Edmonds and Bellevue areas at various organizations, community, church and private events the latest of which was during the Ethnic Festival of Lacey, WA held at St. Martin's University last March 10, 2018. We have upcoming performances @ the Lakewood Sister Cities Cultural Event and Pista Sa Nayon, 2 separate community events both in July; WA State Fair in August and private events in May and June. On June 2 and 3, 2018, we are priviledged to be part of the Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival at the Seattle Center. For information, you may find FMDT on Facebook, Youtube c/o Ruben Ostrea or Text Message to 253-232-3834 or 253-279-0593.

FMDT is governed by dedicated officers headed by Mr. Ted Tayson as president and Cecilia Filio as choreographer. FMDT will not be where it is now without the untiring commitment and passion of our dancers and volunteers:

Nitz Eligio and Boni Pancho

  • Ana Garcia and Nick Cahanding

  • Evangeline Hebron and Sat Ramento

  • Chi Cruz and Eugene Lao

  • Carmenita Fontillas and Tony Fontillas

  • Emma Tayson and Ted Tayson

  • Irene Buenavista and Roby Buenavista

  • Julia Merafuentes and Willy Merafuentes

  • Charles Fontillas

  • Ruben Ostrea

  • Celia Filio

  • Pacific Lutheran University (Asia Pacific Dance Group)


for Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival


  • Gaway Gaway, a lively dance that originated from Leyte, one of 7,100 islands in the Philippines, depicts harvest of a popular rootcrop locally known as gaway or known to us as taro. Somehow, the hard work turns fun and festive for everyone.


  • Kuratsa, a very popular dance in the Visayan island of Bohol, is a flirtatious dance of love and courtship performed during weddings and fiestas. Guests shower the couple with money, supposedly for their expenses in the future.


  • Kalatong, an energetic rural dance from Pangasinan, is a ceremonial dance named after the 3 ft. bamboo tube that the dancers wear on their waist. Dancers rhythmically beat these tubes as they dance with the belief that the loud noise will bring luck and drive away evil spirits.


  • Bulaklakan is a colorful dance that originated in Bulakan and is popular during Santacruzan in the merry month of May where beautiful ladies walk under arches of flowers in a procession to honor the Virgin Mary. After the procession, a town leader or the hermana mayor hosts a feast where the Bulaklakan dance is performed by beautiful ladies.


  • Binuyogan, a dance which originated from the Ilocos region means celebration of abundance. In the midst of preparation for the feast, women are depicted in this dance while doing their chores particularly fetching water and balancing the clay pots on their head.


  • Tinikling, Philippines' most popular dance, mimics the tikling birds dodging and hopping through bamboo ridges to avoid being caught. Usually, after the dance, audience are challenged to try the agile dance on their bare feet until they get the feel and fun of it.

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