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Modern Arnis by Frank Dominguez

Martial Arts Practitioner

Frank Dominguez is a Martial Arts practitioner for more than 40 years.  Frank earned a Black Belt in Shotokan with Kunio Sasaki of the Japan Karate Association, trained Jujitsu with Joyce Gracie of Brazil and trained and travelled with the late famous Grandmaster Remy Presas all over the U.S to spread Filipino Martial Arts called Modern Arnis. He now conducts seminars and private lessons to universities, corporations, law enforcement and individuals.


The workshop is about modern Arnis, a Filipino-based martial arts developed by Professor Remy Presas which incorporates the most effective of each island style of stick fighting and combined with other knowledge of martial arts such as Karate, Judo, and other martial arts, which makes it so practical as self-defense in any situation by any individual, law enforcement officers and military personnel. The system incorporates empty hand moves, based upon the same motions used in stick fighting.

Hollywood actors such as Tom Cruise, Matt Damon and Robert Downey use the system in their movies’ fighting scenes. The beauty of the system is that it encourages the individual student to adapt Arnis principles to his own feel for each technique. The method should suit the person and not the other way around. This is known simply as using “the flow”.  When professor Remy Presas was inducted to the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame and featured on the magazine’s cover, the caption was “Modern Arnis - Simply Effective.”

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