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John C. Paredes

John is a Seattle-area photographer who started making photos as a teenager to document family events and everyday happenings. In high school, he was introduced to the process of creating photos in the darkroom and was trained to see the attention and care each image can be given. This is where he grew to love photography as a means of personal expression and storytelling.


John is a self-taught photographer and spent several years learning the technical and artistic craft to photography so he could capture photos which inspire him to continue creating images to share. He focuses on landscapes, cityscapes, and still life but John also enjoys photographing events and portraits from time to time. He frequently has a camera in hand ready to capture images of his family to document their lives but also enjoys applying his artistic view to create visually interesting images with a pleasing aesthetic.

For this Pagdiriwang celebration, John will be sharing pieces from his mom’s artifact and fabric collection. Philippine artifacts have been of interest to him ever since his dad first brought handmade artifacts and toys from the Philippines because of their interesting, hand-crafted details and symbolism. Additional photos in John’s portfolio are shared at

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