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The Malong: How to Wear It
By Prof. (Ret) Rufino and Prof. (Ret) Marlene Ignacio

Marlene Ignacio is a retired Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Pierce College in Puyallup. As a hobby, she is a stage actress with the theater group of Filipino Americans in Olympia.


She graduated from Mindanao State University (MSU), Philippines, where she eventually taught.  She was fascinated by the multiple uses of the Malong, the centerpiece of the Maranao’s wear gears. At Pagdiriwang, Marlene will demonstrate the various uses of the Malong as a gown, headgear, cradle, basket, shawl, and others.


Rufino Ignacio is an engineer and manager. He is the former Dean of Engineering and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Mindanao State University. Ruffy founded the Sining Kambayoka Ensemble, the premier ethnic folkloric theater company in the Philippines. He was President of the Filipino American Community of South Puget Sound for ten years, where he founded the Lakbay Sining theater group.


Ruffy will explain the various uses of the Malong as his wife Marlene demonstrates the ways for such uses.

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